Fashion history

Are you interested in fashion history? Okay, let's start with the eighteenth century. 
It was the 18th century that would become an icon of style and fashion.
The straight skirt was dominant in the 1920s. But full skirts have also become very fashionable.
The modern silhouette continued to change. From curvy to sleek hourglass shapes.
In the early 1940s, American designers dominated.

However, many great designers comparable to Elsa Schiaparelli left their native France and moved 
to the United States to continue their work in the American market as it was more profitable at the
time. Every designer had lofty dreams. In 1947, Christian Dior completely changed the style industry.
He dominated other designers for a long time. Until now, the Dior fashion house is considered the
standard of femininity and elegance.
In the early 1950s, the fashion world was taken over by the Frenchman Dior and Cristobel Balenciaga of 
Spain, who founded his house in Paris in 1937. Then Pierre Cardin, who greatly helped Dior develop his
clothing collection in the late 1940s. Two more extremely popular designers of the time: Pierre Balmain
and Hubert de Givicci. Designers held fashion shows twice a year, in London and New York. Designers could
trade models. All of them could demonstrate Western and English styles.

Then, cheaper, less extravagant models were quickly produced and released to the market for mass sales. 
When Pop came out, it was the 60s, 70s and 80s. Mainly in the music industry. Most importantly, the
Beatles enthusiastically committed themselves to being the long-lasting sergeant. Designers continued
to hold their fashion shows.

Many of the styles we see today began to become popular back then. The fashion industry was exploding 
with ideas and new products. Women added more and more accessories to their wardrobes while experimenting
with completely different hairstyles. Accessories in the form of wallets and handbags have become a
necessary element in any girl’s outfit.
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