What to wear for a girl on a date

When choosing what to wear on a first date, it is important not to go to extremes and remain yourself. 
You shouldn’t radically change your image or experiment with your appearance. It is necessary to remember
your individuality, playing with it, presenting it in the best light.

If a woman is more comfortable wearing trousers, she does not need to run to the store to buy a new dress. 
A lady who is accustomed to a business suit should not choose an outfit that is too frivolous.
That is, when going on a date, the first thing you need to do is thoroughly shake up your wardrobe,
choosing the most suitable sets from it.

Stylists have created a universal formula for choosing the right clothes. 
It consists of three questions: Where + When + with whom. By answering them, you will be able to
figure out the choice of the optimal clothing option. Where is the part of the formula that sets the general direction of thought. It’s better to wear
something sophisticated to a restaurant, a meeting in a cafe after work is a great excuse to wear a
business suit, but a date at an amusement park requires being ready for an active holiday in comfortable
informal clothes.

When - a clarification that allows a woman not to make a mistake and not make a man freeze by giving 
away her jacket. When choosing what to wear on a date, you should sort the previously selected outfits
in order of their compatibility with outerwear. In autumn, winter and early spring, the answer to this
question is very relevant.

With Whom is the final touch that helps you find the best set among the previously formed ones. 
When going on a date with a guy, a girl usually already has an idea of ​​who she is going to charm.
It is this knowledge that is needed now. If the chosen one wears formal clothes in everyday life, it makes sense to choose the most elegant
and conservative of his outfits. If he prefers a sporty style, this is a serious hint that he should
choose the most comfortable clothes.

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